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WeTeachMe provides you with all the tools you need to connect with existing clients and get new ones.

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A Start-to-Finish Booking System

The WeTeachMe booking system is an experience that simplifies your business life and your customers' lives. Build trust and confidence by offering a simple, secure and complete solution that meets everyone's needs.

  • Automatic confirmation emails and tax invoice generation upon purchase

  • Secure payment processing integrated into the booking system 

  • Do everything yourself: 1-click ticket transfers, refunds and cancellations, and much more

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Showcase your brand everywhere

Put your business in front of an audience that is eager to engage. We promote your business alongside the best brands - reaching customers to fill your calendar with more bookings quickly.  

  • Listing on our community marketplace

  • Targeted Weekly Newsletter

  • Extensive social media reach

Your Entire Business in One Place

WeTeachMe's simple yet powerful system is a complete dashboard of your sales history, customer information and much more. This allows you to make smart plans and the right decisions for your business.

  • Add and edit your own classes. Anytime you want.

  • Accessible and exportable attendee information

  • Robust statistics that you can understand and action upon

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THe best solution tailored to your business

  • Terms Vendors
  • Ongoing Classes
  • Workshops
  • Kids' Classes
  • You have all the features to limit your administrative tasks by booking a client in once and never having to manually invoice them again.

    • Automatic pro-rata ticketing options

      Completely automated ticket price updating depending on which week of the term you're into.

    • Automatic payments for returning customers

      Reduce 95% of your workload by automating repeat payments for returning customers.

    • Dedicated Account Manager 

      Dedicated account manager to check in regularly to ensure your terms are set up in advance and assure a smooth transition from term to term.

    • Automatic student migration to the next term

      Enjoy automatic migration technology of exceptional quality so that you don't have to worry about next term - it's already sorted.

  • Enjoy numerous features and options to manage multiple bookings for several classes efficently and effectively.

    • Automatic ongoing charges

      Customers enrol once, and get charged once the payment period finishes. Accept student on a rolling basis. 

    • Spot tracking

      Let this system worry about tracking spots so you won't have to. Bookings are automatically closed as all spots are filled. 

    • Dedicated Account Manager 

      Dedicated Account Manager to check in regularly to ensure your classes are set up properly. 

    • Easy student transfer from class-to-class

      Transfer of students from one class to another can be done in a few simple clicks.

  • You have full feature access to all other types of classes. You want to do this full-time? Eventually you can. Scale at ease without any limitations. 

    • Track all attendee details

      All attendee details captured, including the ability to communicate with customers through the Dashboard.

    • Increase brand awareness with minimial work 

      All your admin is automated, and drive all your booking enquiries to one centralised online location.  

    • One-click transfers, refunds and cancellations

      Management of bookings and the most common workshop-related operations are all in one place. 

    • Add/edit/remove classes at will, easily

      Ability to put together a calendar of events super easily and change as needed. Adding classes as easy as 1-2-3. You can't get it wrong. 

  • Keeping tabs is easy with our advanced features. Get peace of mind knowing that every bit of data is easy to capture and retrieve.  

    • Custom enrolment forms 

      Automatic display of booking forms relevant for child enrolments. 

    • Extra booking fields

      Including separate parent and child fields, age, dietry requirements, allergies, age and more. 

    • Multiple touch points with your T&C's

      Display your terms and conditions. This is important when dealing with children.

    • We take data privacy seriously 

      All data is strictly confidential and fully accessible only to you.

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Success stories

These are just a few of the testimonials and customer service reviews we get on a regular basis and we are proud to support them all.

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Wait, I have questions

  • How does it work?

    We activate online bookings for you and your website, we integrate with your website so customers can book instantly anytime, anywhere. We train you + your entire team on the most common business processes (adding/editing dates/times, adding/editing ticket types, refunding customers, cancelling tickets, transferring tickets)

  •  Who is it suited for?

    Our booking software was designed to be perfect for brands that offer classes and workshops. Our customers range from small studios and businesses to sports centres and colleges that offer classes on a per-term basis, among others.

  • Why choose us?

    The WeTeachMe software is an experience that simplifies our clients’ business lives, as well as of their customers. With WeTeachMe, you can save time, reduce costs and grow revenue by automating your entire booking and management processes, all the while keeping your business open to your customers 24/7 - making booking for them a breeze.

  • How long does it take to set up? 

    The timeframe can change depending on your requirements. Normally, we onboard all your class information within 48 hours. 24 hours from then, we will perform the integration to your site.

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