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Having trouble finding new clients? Put your business in front of your audience in the WeTeachMe marketplace. WeTeachMe drives sales by creating hyper local engagement through omni channel marketing.


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WeTeachMe’s simple yet powerful system is a complete dashboard of your sales, history, customer information and much more. This allows you to make smart plans and the right decisions for your business with robust statistics that you can understand and action.

Create a better experience for
 your customers.

The WeTeachMe booking system is an experience that simplifies your business life and your customers’ lives. Build trust and confidence by offering a simple, secure and complete solution that meets everyone’s needs.

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WeTeachMe creates a positive feedback loop using automated reviews to bring you more clients. We make it easy for your clients to rate and share their experiences of your classes. Reviews will not only allow your profile to stand out from the crowd, they will also boost your search engine ranking and credibility. More reviews, Increased rankings means higher conversions. Rinse and repeat!

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These are just a few of the testimonials and customer service reviews we get on a regular basis and we are proud to support them all.

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Wait, I have questions

  • How does it work?

    We activate online bookings for you and your website, we integrate with your website so customers can book instantly anytime, anywhere. We train you + your entire team on the most common business processes (adding/editing dates/times, adding/editing ticket types, refunding customers, cancelling tickets, transferring tickets)

  •  Who is it suited for?

    Our booking software was designed to be perfect for brands that offer classes and workshops. Our customers range from small studios and businesses to sports centres and colleges that offer classes on a per-term basis, among others.

  • Why choose us?

    The WeTeachMe software is an experience that simplifies our clients’ business lives, as well as of their customers. With WeTeachMe, you can save time, reduce costs and grow revenue by automating your entire booking and management processes, all the while keeping your business open to your customers 24/7 - making booking for them a breeze.

  • How long does it take to set up? 

    The timeframe can change depending on your requirements. Normally, we onboard all your class information within 48 hours. 24 hours from then, we will perform the integration to your site.

  • Still got questions?

    Read more in our FAQ section or get in touch
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